1/6/21 LWA COVID Testing Results

posted Jan 6, 2021, 12:39 PM by Isaiah Rocine

Dear Parents, Staff, and Students,

I’m happy to share results with you from the COVID testing that took place at Living Word Academy today.

95% of students and staff were tested today, have already had COVID and don't need to test, or will get tested on their own outside of school before returning to school.

75% of our students opted to attend school today after testing and about 20% more should be back in school in the next week or so.

99% of the people tested today came up with a negative result.  There were 2 positive results, who were members of the same family.

Based on the encouraging results today school will remain open for in-person instruction.


A few important notes/reminders:

1.       PLEASE return your Chromebooks AND CHARGERS to school ASAP.  We have been doing great returning Chromebooks, but we are missing many chargers.

2.      Please continue to monitor yourselves for COVID symptoms and stay home if you have any, even if they are mild.  Please contact the health office with any questions about how symptoms should be handled.

3.  Given the increase in COVID locally we are requiring students who are home sick with COVID symptoms to have a negative COVID test before returning to school.  Contact the school health office with any questions about where you can get testing done.


As always, feel free to reach out with questions or concerns.


Bro. Isaiah