COVID Testing FAQ's

posted Nov 27, 2020, 7:10 AM by Isaiah Rocine   [ updated Dec 12, 2020, 5:20 PM by LWA Info ]
Parents, staff, and students, here is some updated information regarding Monday’s COVID testing

**No lunch will be served at school Monday. Please send children with a bagged lunch if they will be eating lunch at school.**

Where is testing going to take place?

Living Word Church, adjacent to the school. There will be staff in the parking lot to direct you.

Who should get tested?

Any student who wants to participate in face to face learning at Living Word Academy and any staff who have routine contact with children. This includes Pre-K students.

What do I need to do to participate in testing or have my child(ren) participate?

Register each of you here:

Does it matter what time I register myself or my child(ren) for?

No. Your registration time is NOT an actual appointment. It just lets the County know to expect you at some point. Please try to come according to the schedule below:

9:30-11:00am: Staff testing
11:00am-12:00pm: Students with a last name that begins with A-F
12:00pm-1:00pm: Students with a last name that begins with G-M
1:00pm-2:00pm: Students with a last name that begins with N-Z

Can I send my children to school on the bus or drop them off early?

Yes, if you cannot bring your children at the time we asked you to just send them/bring them in the morning as usual.

What will the school day look like for my children on Monday?

Teachers will treat the day like a “remote” day with NO Zoom meetings. Your children will receive some assignments to do on their own via Google Classroom. We will keep it light so you can bring them to their appointments easily.

Students who come to school early can work on their assignments in their classroom and will have activities to do.

Students who are tested can proceed to their classroom/classes after testing. Teachers will keep them engaged until dismissal time. By 1 or 2 o’clock most students will have been tested and our day will be more “normal”.

Can I come in while my child(ren) is getting tested?

Yes, you may come in and wait with them, but do not feel that you must. If you do not it will help us keep the number of people in line down.

Can I take my children home after their testing?

Yes, you may take your children home after their testing. You could also leave them, and they’ll go to their class after testing and begin their school day. Dismissal will continue as it normally does.

My child is in Kindergarten, will they be tested by the time they are sent home?

If your child is in Kindergarten feel free to send them in for testing during the staff testing time. We will prioritize them, so they are tested before their school day ends at 12:15.

If you want to bring your Kindergartner during their scheduled time and take them home after, then feel free to do that too.

What if I do not want my children to get tested? 

Your children can continue as students at Living Word Academy remotely. They can watch classes via Zoom and submit assignments via Google Classroom. I strongly encourage you to have your children tested so they can participate in face to face learning. School is very safe, and testing is quick and painless. Children who do not participate in face to face learning will miss Chapel each day and all the socialization that is critical to their development. Finally, the quality of their education will not be as good.