Field Maintenance Position Available and Gym Class Announcement

posted May 3, 2019, 3:41 PM by LWA Info
We have an immediate short-term opening for a line painter! The setup is done already, and maintaining the lines only needs to continue until the end of the school year (mid-June). Lines need to be re-painted about every 10 days or after a grass-cutting day. Flexible schedule--since this only takes about an hour each time, it can be done during or after school hours. Qualifications only include being able to trace and walk in a straight line. See Sis. Debbie Cerelli in person or email You can also call the school office, 315-437-6744. 

In addition, Sis. Debbie would like to remind parents that students may be exposed to nature while playing outside during gym class and on the playground. Please send light jackets and an extra set of sneakers (if possible) to be kept at school until the end of the year. Muddy sneakers are NOT allowed in the gym at any time.