Positive COVID Case at Living Word Academy, 12/5/20

posted Dec 5, 2020, 1:31 PM by Isaiah Rocine   [ updated Dec 12, 2020, 5:16 PM by LWA Info ]

Dear Parents,


A Living Word Academy student in 7th grade has tested positive for COVID.  As a result, we are asking the following students/staff to take some precautions:

ALL 7th grade students:  please quarantine immediately.  We will follow up with you about dates of quarantine and when it will end. Further directions on what it means to quarantine are below.

All Drama students and staff: we are working to determine who may/may not need to quarantine.  For the time being, please stay home, wear masks in your home, and try to stay as separate as possible.  Families of drama students may still attend church, go to the grocery store, and do anything else they normally would.

The Onondaga County Health Department (OCHD) caseload is very high right now. We are acting in accordance with the detailed guidelines the OCHD have set for county schools. We are seeing delays in the OCHD communication channels, processing of positive cases, contacts and quarantines. However, they expect schools to act independently and diligently to reduce the risk of spread of COVID in the schools. We are busy!

We feel it is important for you to have some written guidance to refer back to. We know you will have questions about the details of your child's situation. Please note the following information:

1. What does quarantine mean? How do we do this? 

Here is some guidance, your child's healthcare provider and the OCHD website (ongov.net) can provide more:
  • Since symptoms of COVID may appear from 2-14 days after an exposure, your child must stay home for 14 days.
  • They should be separated from family members in the home. Do the best you can. They should especially stay away from people who would be more vulnerable to the effects of COVID- especially senior citizens and those of any age with health problems.
  • They must sleep in a separate room and if possible use a separate bathroom from anyone else. If this isn't possible, the bathroom must be disinfected after they use it. Open windows and air out rooms frequently.
  • They should not sit and eat meals with the family. It is best they stay in the same separate area of the house for daily activities and sleeping. Disinfect all commonly touched surfaces frequently.
  • They may only go out in your own backyard (not in the neighborhood) for fresh air.
  • They may go out for medical care or testing.
  • Be careful to use frequent handwashing and use masks and distancing with your child in the home. Yes, mask use in the home will help reduce the risk of possible spread to family members.
  • Avoid the sharing your child's objects (toys, eating utensils, etc) with others.
We realize this is a lot of information but feel it is best to have it available to you for reference. We thank you for your continued understanding, cooperation and support.

2. Should my child get a COVID test?

No, not necessarily. Please check with your child's healthcare provider on Monday. A negative COVID test result will not shorten a quarantine. If your child or anyone else in your home shows signs of illness, call the healthcare provider, let them know your child was exposed to COVID.

3. "Coming out of quarantine"

This is called a "release date". A person may come out of a quarantine after 14 days AND only if they have been completely free of symptoms for the quarantine period. BEFORE your child returns to school after quarantine, we ask you to communicate with Sister Tracy.

Take your child's temperature twice a day and whenever you think they aren't feeling well. A temperature of 100F or higher should be reported to the school nurse and your child's health care provider for further instructions.

If someone in quarantine begins with COVID-like symptoms, we presume they have COVID. If symptoms arise at any time during the 14 days, notify the school nurse and your child's own healthcare provider. We will also seek guidance from the OCHD. We will re-evaluate your child's situation together. Testing may be recommended.

Bro. Isaiah

Sis. Tracy Duke, RN

Sis. Janis Bernard, RN