Uniform Announcement from the Principal

posted Oct 19, 2018, 11:24 AM by LWA Info   [ updated Oct 19, 2018, 11:24 AM ]
Dear Parents,

We need your assistance ensuring our students are safe and presentable. The school uniform includes the presence of a lanyard/keycard so that students can enter our locked buildings during the school day. The buildings are locked to keep our staff and students safe. Additionally, students are not allowed to wear non-school sweaters, any type of sweatshirts, or coats during class. They are also required to wear blue or black socks. Over the years the vast majority of our students have done a fine job adhering to these standards, but there are also those who consistently do not. The result is compromised safety and a messy appearance from our student body. In an effort to maintain the uniform standard we have put these rules in place, which I’d like to remind you of:

  • Not wearing a lanyard by 9:30 am, wearing a non-school sweater/sweatshirt/coat during class, or wearing inappropriate socks is considered a uniform violation. Five uniform violations in a quarter will result in an after school detention.
  • Lanyards are available for rent in the school office. The first daily rental of each quarter is free; each subsequent rental is $2 a day. Report cards will be withheld for unpaid rental fees. Fees may increase if students abuse the lanyard rental.
In Christ,
Bro. Isaiah

**A printed copy of this announcement was handed out in high school homerooms, this week.