Winter Break Activities

posted Feb 9, 2019, 4:26 PM by LWA Info
Winter Break is coming, and there are several activities listed on the calendar

Song Mountain Ski Day will be on Tuesday, February 23. Students in Grades 8 - 12 are welcome to sign up. For more information, see the pdf attached to the calendar entry. 

An Adirondack Winter Overnight Experience is scheduled from Friday to Saturday, February 22 - 23, for boys in Grades 9 - 12. There is an information pdf attached to the calendar entry. 

A Red Cross Blood Drive will be held on Saturday, February 23. Participants are required to sign up ahead of time at Living Word Church meetings or by contacting the school.

Also, please see Bro. Vonden Sleight if you have any interest in reviving use of the Pinewood Derby Track formerly used by the LWA Boy Scout Troop. Pinewood derby car kits are available at craft and home improvement stores, so a motivated group could create an exciting event for students and families to participate in. The track has an electronic finish line that transmits data to a computer, too!